Queen of No Excuses Makes Excuses

Maria Kang, who once enjoyed 15 minutes of fame because she smugly asked “What’s your excuse?” when it comes to not being as fit as her, has popped up again – this time to make some excuses for her body.  You’re going to see this and you’re going to feel bad all over again, because it’s just another opportunity to… Read more →

Unfriending is a Gift You Give Yourself

Full disclosure: I unfriend. I unfriend for self-care. I unfriend because I might like you more if I don’t witness your life via social media. I unfriend if we were never in-real-life friends, and what I see of you online is distasteful to me. I unfriend if you congratulate yourself for “triggering” someone who has experienced trauma. I unfriend if… Read more →

My Sidewalk Film Festival List

Adam and I spent three hours Wednesday night watching trailers. That is how dedicated we are in our pursuit of watching ALL THE MOVIES POSSIBLE during Sidewalk Film Festival.  This will be our third year to attend the festival together, and it’s one of my favorite Birmingham events. I probably mostly love it because I love watching movies with Adam… Read more →


Seven Year Bitch

Monday, I had a moment when I couldn’t remember. I was looking at the calendar for August, setting up appointments, noting deadlines and marking reminders for upcoming fun like Jenny Lewis at Iron City on the 17th and Sidewalk Film Festival the weekend of the 26th. A rush of memory flew in. It just hovered there for a minute, this… Read more →


Friday’s Random Thoughts – Me

I have gathered you here today to talk about me… and all the terrible things other people (I) think about me. In other words: Haters. (Me.) But, first, let’s begin with this exciting news: My TEDxBirmingham talk has more than 4,000 views on YouTube! Like, dude, we have reached the you-have-to-watch-three-seconds-of-an-ad-and-hit-skip-ad-before-you-can-even-watch-it number of views. I don’t even know what that means.… Read more →


TBT – The One About My Mom

Calling Mom is my go-to fix for many situations. I have found that when I am upset about something, when I’m on the verge of going to my room and crying about it for an hour while indulging all my most negative thoughts, this thought will pop into my head, “Call your mom.” Read more →


Friday’s Random Thoughts – On Inspiration

  I started my day by being annoyed by someone’s Facebook friend. If you haven’t heard, respected author, journalist and elderly man Gay Talese spoke at a recent writers’ conference and was asked the question: “In addition to Nora Ephron, who were the women who write who…have inspired you most?” To which Gay Talese said, “As writers. Uh, I’d say Mary McCarthy… Read more →